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Re: Why aren't `find`, `find-if`, `remove-if` part of Emacs Lisp?

From: Barry Margolin
Subject: Re: Why aren't `find`, `find-if`, `remove-if` part of Emacs Lisp?
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2014 12:24:25 -0400
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In article <address@hidden>,
 Christoph Wedler <address@hidden> wrote:

> To be honest, I do not fully understand why Emacs has such an anti-CL
> policy.

Basically, RMS thinks CL is too bloated. From

Obviously, machines are bigger now, and we don't do it that way any 
more. We put in 'caar' and 'cadr' and so on, and we might put in another 
looping construct one of these days. We're willing to extend it some 
now, but we don't want to extend it to the level of common Lisp. I 
implemented Common Lisp once on the Lisp machine, and I'm not all that 
happy with it. One thing I don't like terribly much is keyword arguments 
(8). They don't seem quite Lispy to me; I'll do it sometimes but I 
minimize the times when I do that.

Footnote (8) says:

I don't mind if a very complex and heavyweight function takes keyword 
arguments. What bothers me is making simple basic functions such as 
"member" use them.

Barry Margolin, address@hidden
Arlington, MA
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