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Re: send selection or current line to Terminal/iTerm

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: send selection or current line to Terminal/iTerm
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2014 23:10:55 +0200
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Jai Dayal <address@hidden> writes:

> So your statement of "of course it's possible" is
> just a strawman argument because I never said it was
> impossible. You then went on useless rant about how
> to communicate with other processes, which is useless

I'm not getting into an argument over this. This is is
not a debate. I know what I write and if you consider
that useless to all and everyone that's a statement
that cannot be verified anyway.

> If you can extend or change the application, sure.

You don't necessarily need to change *the* application,
though that would help, of course. There are many other
applications that you may put in-between to do such a

The example I gave was the code I wrote for Emacs,
which was about half a page - to tmux, it was a
oneliner, and the glue in between - xsel - I simply
installed. Also note the Elisp code is just loaded by
the Emacs Lisp interpreter at startup time - and the
tmux oneliner is in a tmux configuration file. While
this is certainly programming it isn't anything
extremely difficult that involves branching,
recompilation, etc. Besides it doesn't matter how
difficult it supposedly is. If you want to do it, get
in someone's face and do it. Simple as that.

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