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Re: w3m duckduckgo as default search engine next page

From: yggdrasil
Subject: Re: w3m duckduckgo as default search engine next page
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2013 18:16:09 +0100
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Eric Abrahamsen <address@hidden> writes:

> <address@hidden> writes:
>> I am looking to change w3m default search engine to be something else
>> than google in trying to break the addiction, and duckduckgo seems a
>> viable option. 
>> I googled (...) for experiences and found
>> ,----
>> | (require 'w3m-search)
>> | 
>> | (setq w3m-search-default-engine "duckduckgo")
>> | ;; (setq w3m-search-default-engine "google")
>> | 
>> | (add-to-list 'w3m-search-engine-alist '("duckduckgo"
>> | ""; nil))
>> `----
>> This makes duckduckgo the default search engine, however the nifty
>> feature of goinf to the next page of search resuts by SPC doesn't
>> work. Is it possible to make this smoother?
> That's not a w3m thing, that's provided by the web page in question.
> Google provides nice rel="next|prev" links, and SPC in w3m is bound to a
> command that will scroll the buffer, or follow a "next" link if you're
> at the bottom of the buffer and there is such a link.
> If the site doesn't provide next/prev, there's not much w3m can do, at
> least not out of the box.

Yeah, I figured as much, sorry for being unclear. I am not trying to
insinuate a bug in w3m when it seems to be rather poor web design
practice (if there is a convention that is, which seems a reasonable
assumption...) here, but was rather hoping there's 1) an easy way to
tweak w3m to overcome this limitation in the web page, or 2) another
search engine to use that has these links, which is not google. 

I'm not too bothered and will probably just stay with google anyhow, but
given the surveillance and power in the large coorps now I thought it
worth looking into options and opinions. I mean, hey, if I could gather
all that data I would also look into creative uses of the statistics! So
why not support the smaller players if any, we all now how it is when
one company gets all too powerful.

Thanks though for your input!



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