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w3m duckduckgo as default search engine next page

From: yggdrasil
Subject: w3m duckduckgo as default search engine next page
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2013 23:43:59 +0100
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I am looking to change w3m default search engine to be something else
than google in trying to break the addiction, and duckduckgo seems a
viable option. 

I googled (...) for experiences and found

| (require 'w3m-search)
| (setq w3m-search-default-engine "duckduckgo")
| ;; (setq w3m-search-default-engine "google")
| (add-to-list 'w3m-search-engine-alist '("duckduckgo" 
""; nil))

This makes duckduckgo the default search engine, however the nifty
feature of goinf to the next page of search resuts by SPC doesn't
work. Is it possible to make this smoother?

Maybe there's a better option than duckduckgo as google replacement?

Thanks for any ideas!

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