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RE: help! Keep getting emacs locked up / not responding to c-g / having

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: help! Keep getting emacs locked up / not responding to c-g / having to kill process
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2013 07:20:29 -0700 (PDT)

> This is related to my previous post about clearing the kill ring.  I have a
> frequent case, when running shell buffers, where selecting a lot of the
> buffer (could be thousands of lines) seems to lock up emacs.  Most of the
> time, one or more c-g hits will stop what it was doing and give me back
> control.  However, lately (including 15 minutes ago) I've been hitting this
> and c-g does nothing and ps shows emacs at around 95% cpu.  As this is a
> shared server, that doesn't make me popular with other users!
> I end up having to kill the process. This really sucks since I had about a
> dozen shell buffers logged into  multiple servers and running long jobs that
> were all killed when I killed emacs.
> Any suggestions on stopping this from happening in the first place and/or
> something stronger than c-g but short of killing emacs?
> FYI, this is 24.3.something on REH 5.something.

The suggestion I have is, as usual when nothing is said about the setup,
try to reproduce the problem without your init file, i.e., starting from
`emacs -Q'.  If you can repro it that way then report the recipe here,
asking for possible suggestions.  Or if you think it is a bug, report it
via `M-x report-emacs-bug'.

If the problem does not occur when you start from `emacs -Q', then try to
narrow down your init file, to see what causes the problem.  Then post
what you find here, if it's not obvious at that point how to fix it.

You say that most of the time repeated C-g works, but sometimes it does
not.  Sounds like Emacs is in an infinite loop.  For that too, I would
first suspect code (loaded) from your init file.  (Infinite loops in
vanilla Emacs get reported and fixed very quickly.)

IOW, a recipe please, or at least some more, and more concrete, info.

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