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Re: emacs 24.3.50 freezing in unusable state.

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: emacs 24.3.50 freezing in unusable state.
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2013 11:21:17 +0200

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Am 30.09.2013 um 09:38 schrieb Sharon Kimble:

> However, I have just downloaded and
> installed the latest emacs-snapshot, currently at, and that
> has started and loaded perfectly okay!

This *can* indicate that you are still using buggy GNU Emacs source code for 
building. (I fetch mine with bzr.)

Anyway, you have now the option to invoke report-emacs-bug or choose from the 
Help menu "Send Bug Report…". The eMail it creates has two interesting items 
for you: the configure options used to build that binary, which you could reuse 
for your own attempts to build a development (i.e., unstable, not guaranteed to 
work) version of GNU Emacs, and later a section "Load-path shadows". This is a 
list of ELisp files that override the default GNU Emacs Lisp files. It is 
possible that some of these "shadowing" files cause the error. The following 
code, put into some init file (your's or the system's), will report in the 
*Messages* buffer which ELisp file was loaded before the freeze happened:

        (defadvice load (before debug-log activate)
          (message "(Tipp von Kai G) Lade jetzt: %s" (ad-get-arg 0)))

The German "Lade jetzt" means "Now loading". You could also insert into your 
init file

        (setq debug-on-error t)

that an ELisp debugger is started when an error is caught. It opens a 
*Backtrace* window in which, from bottom to top, it is listed how it happened 
that the error occurred.

In the case of a freeze it's of course best the *Messages* or the *Backtrace* 
buffer is displayed –  maybe this works by setting dedicated frame or window, 
but I have no idea how to achieve this. (I would probably use a 
(switch-to-buffer "*Messages*) statement before every line provoking a load of 

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