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Re: does customizing a hook "add-to" the hook?

From: gottlieb
Subject: Re: does customizing a hook "add-to" the hook?
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2013 14:50:35 -0400
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On Sun, Jul 14 2013, Michael Heerdegen wrote:

> writes:
>> If I use `customize-option' to customize a (normal) hook,
>> do the functions I add via pushing the `ins' button get added to
>> the default value for the hook or do they replace the default?
>> I wish to achieve the former (add-to) effect and realize that `add-hook'
>> does this, but would prefer to use customize if possible.
> All relevant hooks I know are empty when declared in the sources.  So if
> you load your `custom-file' early enough when starting up Emacs (i.e.,
> before modifying hooks or loading packages), you don't need to worry
> about your or third party code adding stuff to the hook, that works
> normally.

Thank you for the response.
That was exactly my concern.  Namely that I (in this order)

1.  set a hook via customize
2.  upgrade emacs
3.  run the new emacs (with my same startup files)

and then some new default would be overridden since my customization
overwrites the hook instead of adding to it.

Is it guaranteed or suggested that hook are by default empty?  I didn't
see that in the info pages.

Sorry I wasn't clearer initially.


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