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Re: EPL licence for emacs extension distributed via ELPA.

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: EPL licence for emacs extension distributed via ELPA.
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2013 09:17:58 -0500
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> I am going to do an emacs extension on emacs lisp and clojure
> languages.  The problem is that I should include external clojure
> project (it is used as a library), distribued on the terms of Eclipse
> Public License 1.0 with a tiny modification.

I'm not sure what the above really means, but the following guidelines
might help clarify:
- Elisp code basically needs to be distributed under a license
  compatible with the GPL since it necessary links to the rest of Emacs
  which is GPL'd.
- Same for Emacs extensions written in C.
- Emacs code can interact with external applications via pipes without
  any restriction on those applications's licensing model.
- You can distribute as a single package a combination of GPL'd Elisp/C
  code together with some other code using a different license: the mere
  fact of putting it all into a single tarball does not force you to use
  the same licenses for all the files.

> 1) Is it possible to distribute via ELPA (in repositories like
> marmalade or melpa) my code with GPL licence together with this
> EPL code?

I don't see a particular problem in this regard from any ELPA repository
(including GNU ELPA).


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