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EPL licence for emacs extension distributed via ELPA.

From: kostafey
Subject: EPL licence for emacs extension distributed via ELPA.
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2013 12:16:55 +0400

>kostafey <> writes:
>> The questions are:
>> 1) Is it possible to distribute via ELPA (in repositories like 
>> marmalade or melpa)
>> my code with GPL licence together with this EPL code?

Thank you!

> There are other repositories, like Marmelade.
> In this case, you have to follow the policy of the repository you are
> using.  AFAIK Marmelade does not enforce any particular license so you
> should be fine.

I haven't find licence demands for this repositories, but I thought that
all emacs-related code must be GPL. Thanks for explanation.

> By the way, the project looks interesting, I'm looking forward to
> testing it!

Well, in spite of the fact I already use it in my day-to-day work it's slill
in the deep alpha. Many refactoring and clean-up is required.
Any suggestions are welcome.

So, the link is:
Some usage remarks in the commentaries of ejc-sql.el:

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