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Emacs becomes CPU-hungry after some runnig period.

From: kostafey
Subject: Emacs becomes CPU-hungry after some runnig period.
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2013 16:34:44 +0400

After some running period (about 10-30 minutes) emacs needs
more and more CPU for simplest operations, like self-insert-command,
wich runs about a seciond.
Restarting solves this problem for some minutes.

This affects emacs 24.2.0 (both GTK and lucid) running on Linux
Munt and Ubuntu (from ppa:cassou/emacs).
The same version of emacs 24.2 running on Windows is free
of this problem.

emacs 24.3.50 (from the same ppa:cassou/emacs) is free of this problem too.
Even GTK version works quickly. Unfortunately, it is unstable yet.

Is it possible to solve this performance problem?

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