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Re: Questions about bat-generic-mode

From: Pascal Quesseveur
Subject: Re: Questions about bat-generic-mode
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2013 11:18:08 +0100
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>"OG" == Oleksandr Gavenko <> writes:

  OG> 3 years ago I also have desire to make patch that provide
  OG> highlighting of '::' as comment syntax and want 'M-;'
  OG> (comment-dwim) be able uncomment such regions as I involved in
  OG> project with many batch files with such commenting style...

One solution is to use file variables. Comments starting with :: are
correctly processed by putting the following line at top of each batch

:: -*-coding: iso-latin-1-dos; comment-start:"::" -*-

Regarding the coding I observed that when using a dos encoding
fontification doesn't work as expected: keywords set and goto are not
fontified when they are at lines beginning. It comes from the regex:

     '("[ \t\n|]\\<\\([gG][oO][tT][oO]\\)\\>[ \t]*\\(:?\\sw+\\)?"

I think it should be better to use [:space:].

  OG> So stuck with bat-generic-mode. Feature that I like and which is
  OG> missing is an indentation for batch parentheses syntax:

  OG>   if exist file.txt (
  OG>     echo xxx
  OG>   ) else (
  OG>     echo yyy
  OG>   )


Pascal Quesseveur

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