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Re: emacs-23.3.1

From: FreeHCK
Subject: Re: emacs-23.3.1
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2011 10:55:53 +0400
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Denis Tapyshpan <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi there!here is Denis. I am looking for a answer about one week and I
> do not know, what I have to do.I have last emacs release(23.3.1) under
> slackware 13.37 and it works perfect but just one function does not
> work. If one try to copy and paste something from emacs(console mode)
> to browser(or to one other application) or from one emacs(console
> mode) under launched terminal to second emacs(console mode too) under
> other terminal, it absolutely does not work.  I try out everything,
> what I found in internet but it does not work...Could you help me guys
> and give an vector of the search?Many thanks,Denis Tapyshpan

I had the same problem in when I used framebuffer console and GPM. I
should tall you that I didn't solve this, but:
1) You can restart GPM daemon to be able to copy and paste to or from
buffer. But it's ugly I think.
2) You can paste text to another file using cat command. Then you can
paste file into the buffer.
3) In Xorg everything works fine. If not - try urxvt.

If none of soviets had not helped you... So good luck! :)

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