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Invisible changes in ediff

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: Invisible changes in ediff
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2011 13:21:10 -0700

I shy away from the otherwise excellent ediff package
because there are sometimes changed regions outside the


  1) sometimes changes exist past window boundaries
  2) they do not show up in the next hunk
  3) you can't tell when that obtains


  1) you miss changes
  2) you have to manually scroll the windows to look for
  3) you might not know how far to scroll to make sure you
     are not missing any changes (not tested)

Possible solution:

  1) Space and del can scroll both windows whenever there is
     changed text in the same hunk outside the visible part.
     Analogy is space and del in info.  Ediff can indicate
     that there is such text.
  2) Maybe ediff can make sure that nothing ever extends or
     exists past the window boundary.  Instead of having
     diff hunks as diff(1) sees them, ediff will have any
     number of smaller hunks to keep changes in windows.

Seems like 1 might be possible.  2 might or might not work

What do people here do?

Please CC: me.



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