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Tramp problem with files under version control (subversion)

From: Stefan Vollmar
Subject: Tramp problem with files under version control (subversion)
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2011 10:15:18 +0200


GNU Emacs 23.3.1 (Aquamacs)
Tramp-Version 2.1.20

accessing files on remote Linux systems works beautifully for me (thanks for 
the excellent tramp package!) - including handling of all version 
control-related issues (subversion). I have a near identical setup on a Solaris 
10 box but here we experience problems under certain conditions: the problems 
are related to the login used with tramp and apparently have to do with version 
control (subversion). If I connect to the machine via tramp and start in a 
directory which does not contain files under version control, everything works 
fine. If, however, I encounter a directory that does, dired will show a listing 
but accessing files through dired will result in "Couldn't find exit status of 
`test -e somefile'", Tab-completion in the mini-buffer works, though. Opening a 
file via minibuffer will work (eventually) but display half a buffer of error 
message ending with "does not return a valid Lisp expression", these error 
messages vanish later. Maybe this is interesting: if I connect via tramp as a 
user who only has read-permissions for the files under version control, Emacs 
will (correctly) tell me "note: file is write protected" - but tramp works 
flawlessly. Both user configuration have a nearly identical .bash_profile which 
contains "export PS1="\h:\W> ", subversion works fine when used on the command 

Re-running the session with
(setq tramp-debug-buffer t)
(setq tramp-verbose 10)

' does not return a valid Lisp expression: `(
09:46:24.979695 tramp-send-command-and-read (3) # Checking `vc-registered' for 
09:46:29.975926 tramp-get-file-property (8) # 
file-readable-p undef
09:46:29.976166 tramp-get-file-property (8) # 
file-attributes-string nil
09:46:29.976359 tramp-get-connection-property (7) # uid-string nil
09:46:29.976543 tramp-get-connection-property (7) # gid-string other
09:46:29.976742 tramp-get-file-property (8) # 
file-attributes-integer (nil 1 177 1 (19943 16081) (19942 22463) (19942 22463) 
27896 -rw-r--r-- nil (4 . 31846) (-1 . 2))
09:46:29.976965 tramp-get-connection-property (7) # uid-integer nil
09:46:29.977149 tramp-get-connection-property (7) # gid-integer 1
09:46:29.977356 tramp-set-file-property (8) # 
file-readable-p t
09:46:34.975899 tramp-get-file-property (8) # 
file-readable-p t
09:46:44.975872 tramp-get-file-property (8) # 
file-readable-p t

Many thanks for any help with this.
Warm regards,
Dr. Stefan Vollmar, Dipl.-Phys.
Head of IT group
Max-Planck-Institut für neurologische Forschung
Gleuelerstr. 50, 50931 Köln, Germany
Tel.: +49-221-4726-213  FAX +49-221-4726-298
Tel.: +49-221-478-5713  Mobile: 0160-93874279
Email: address@hidden

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