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RE: bug#8551: making Emacs remember a key binding to 'other-window

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: bug#8551: making Emacs remember a key binding to 'other-window
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2011 11:50:45 -0700

> I am often running Emacs with multiple windows.  In my opinion
> the "C-x o" key-combination is too cumbersome, and I never use
> the "open-line" function "C-o" is bound to, so I'm always using
> "global-set-key" to bind "C-o" to "other-window".  How can I put
> that key binding in my ".emacs" file so that this key binding is
> remembered and I don't have to keep executing "global-set-key"
> manually?   Kevin Simonson

A couple of administrative things, FYI:
* The best mailing list for questions like this is
  address@hidden' (cc'd).
* Please use plain-text, not HTML formatting, when sending mail
  to either the bug list or the help list.


Wrt your question, here's what I would suggest:

In Emacs 22+, where (fboundp 'command-remapping) is non-nil:

 (global-set-key [remap open-line] 'other-window) 

In Emacs before 22 (no command remapping):

 (substitute-key-definition 'open-line 'other-window global-map)

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