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emms: refreshing the browser after added files

From: lanas
Subject: emms: refreshing the browser after added files
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2011 09:16:33 -0400


  Any emms users ?  I find it quite nice for having music when
working.  It seems well-done, with lots of features, even though I am
only using very basic functions.

  After adding new music files to a directory, is there a way to update
rather quickly the emms-browser, as opposed to reload the entire
directory from scratch ?

  So far the way I'm doing this, from scratch is:

  - emms-add-directory-tree <directory>
  - then wait until all files are processed (10+ minutes)
  - then clear the play list where all these files are found
  - start the emms-browser
  - create a new play list by adding files selected with the browser

Any suggestions/hints appreciated - thanks.

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