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Re: re-loading an elisp file

From: Tim X
Subject: Re: re-loading an elisp file
Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2011 17:39:13 +1100
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address@hidden (David Combs) writes:

> ...
> ...
>>However, it is possible that you may be approaching hings from the wrong
>>direction. I rarely need to re-evaluate a whole buffer, unless I'm
>>developing something from scratch. If your just modifying some existing
>                                        ^^^^
>>code, you normally only need to evaluate individual functions. For
>>customization, the custom interface provides a good high-level way to
>>try out various settings without having to re-evaluate a buffer etc. 
>>Maybe provide some more explination about what your trying to do and we
>                                                 ^^^^
>>can provide better answers.
> This writing of "your" for "you're" -- EVERYONE seems to be doing it,
> at least for the last year or so.   Maybe it's the new standard patois
> for newsgroups (and other things too?).
> Anyway -- yeah, it's kinda neat (assuming it's on purpose), maybe,
> but it could really screw those who do it.
> Because, once someone gets used to using "your" for "you're" (for "you are"),
> in news post after news post, then SOME DAY it'll really bite him or her,
> because when writing something really important, like a job application,
> grant request, a "nice meeting you; can we get together sometime, maybe" 
> letter,
> etc ..., a knee-jerk memorized-by-fingers "your"  might leave the wrong 
> impression, 
> right, and you letter gets rejected, with maybe life-changing results. 
> (Nor does it help that with "your", the spell-checker won't catch it.)
> Please, guys, let's not start a flame-war over this.  Thanks.
> I hope this helps (someone, some day).

Get over it. I type my responses quickly (average 194 words p/m) and
rarely proof read them. I will frequently type your instead of your're
and thats not going to change. I will also sometimes type their instead
of there and vice-versa. I prefer to read and respond to more messages
than waste time editing/correcting when dealing with an informal forum
like usernet and when the errors rarely affect the point being

You must have a terrible time with SMS!


tcross (at) rapttech dot com dot au

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