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Re: re-loading an elisp file

From: David Combs
Subject: Re: re-loading an elisp file
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2011 18:02:14 +0000 (UTC)

>However, it is possible that you may be approaching hings from the wrong
>direction. I rarely need to re-evaluate a whole buffer, unless I'm
>developing something from scratch. If your just modifying some existing
>code, you normally only need to evaluate individual functions. For
>customization, the custom interface provides a good high-level way to
>try out various settings without having to re-evaluate a buffer etc. 
>Maybe provide some more explination about what your trying to do and we
>can provide better answers.

This writing of "your" for "you're" -- EVERYONE seems to be doing it,
at least for the last year or so.   Maybe it's the new standard patois
for newsgroups (and other things too?).

Anyway -- yeah, it's kinda neat (assuming it's on purpose), maybe,
but it could really screw those who do it.

Because, once someone gets used to using "your" for "you're" (for "you are"),
in news post after news post, then SOME DAY it'll really bite him or her,
because when writing something really important, like a job application,
grant request, a "nice meeting you; can we get together sometime, maybe" letter,
etc ..., a knee-jerk memorized-by-fingers "your"  might leave the wrong 
right, and you letter gets rejected, with maybe life-changing results. 

(Nor does it help that with "your", the spell-checker won't catch it.)

Please, guys, let's not start a flame-war over this.  Thanks.

I hope this helps (someone, some day).


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