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Re: bug in elisp... or in elisper???

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: bug in elisp... or in elisper???
Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2011 16:38:56 +0100
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ken <address@hidden> writes:

> An inability to count would be the most derogatory interpretation.
> But the function I wrote (here elided) actually did the counting for
> me, so that would not be a cogent interpretation.  A mere mortal, I
> wasn't born knowing that REs could be nested (documentation I read in
> fact stated they couldn't),

Emacs comes with its own hyperlinked, up to date, maintained, indexed
fast documentation accessible via Help menu and keybindings.

There is no reason to promote random garbage found somewhere on the
internet to "documentation".  In particular not concerning software that
has a history of 30 years, where consequently most documentation in
existence that might at one point even have been accurate is no longer
so due to being prehistoric.

Still I have my doubts that the documentation you are alluding to even
was ever part of Emacs.

> of course then also not that in such cases both inner and outer REs
> are counted separately by match-string.  So once again, the more
> charitable interpretation is the more perspicacious... and vice versa.

Care to provide a pointer to the "documentation" you are referring to?
While I have my doubts it will lead to a much more charitable
interpretation, I certainly am willing to let myself be surprised.

David Kastrup

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