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bug in elisp... or in elisper???

From: ken
Subject: bug in elisp... or in elisper???
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 19:37:12 -0400
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Fellow elispers,

Something seems to be amiss in the search syntax here:

 (setq aname-re-str
\\|\t\\|\n\\)*?\\)>" )

;;Here's a function to use the above RE and return diagnostics:

(defun test-aname-search ()
  (re-search-forward aname-re-str)
  (message "1: \"%s\" 2: \"%s\" 3: \"%s\" 4: \"%s\" 5: \"%s\" 6: \"%s\"
7: \"%s\" 8: \"%s\""
           (match-string 1)
           (match-string 2)
           (match-string 3)
           (match-string 4)
           (match-string 5)
           (match-string 6)
           (match-string 7)
           (match-string 8)))

Here are some strings to search on:

<h3><a name="thisname">Any Text--
Hot Stuff</a></h3>


<h3><a name="duplicate">Any Text--
Hot Crud</a></h3>

The problem is that the 5th match-string should be either empty or
whitespace.  But it consistently contains the last character of of the
4th match-string.  And these two matches are separated by the literal
character string, "</a"!!  What's up with this?

Wishing I hadn't quit beer,

Anything is easy if you know how to do it.

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