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emacs --batch and --geometry (no joke)

From: Sven Bretfeld
Subject: emacs --batch and --geometry (no joke)
Date: 15 Mar 2011 17:31:22 +0100
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Hi to all

This might seem an absurd question. I'm looking for a possibility to
start emacs --batch with geometry parameters. Of course, I know that
emacs --batch will have no frame.

The reason is this: I start emacs --batch as a cronjob to regularly
create some html files of org-agenda-views (org-export-as-html). How the
html files look like is dependent on the frame-size in which the export
is done. So, in batch-mode there are many line-breaks and the output
looks ugly. The default frame-size set in a load-file is ignored, as
well as a --geometry option.

It would be an option to execute the export function with run-at-time
within my always running Emacs session (daemon), but since the function
needs some time to finish, my workflow would be interrupted for about 20

The only workaround I can imagine, is an always running independent
Emacs session which runs the function regularly via run-at-time. 

Are there other ideas?

Thanks for help,


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