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`save-exursion' makes a comeback!

From: Drew Adams
Subject: `save-exursion' makes a comeback!
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 08:07:56 -0700

  Emacs Excursion

  Your mama said when you left the nest,
  "Go out and play and learn and test
  the waters.

  Discover what's right, what's wrong, what's left.
  Sow your wildest oats, follow your farthest quest.
  But when you're done come back, come home, and rest."

Pun-summary: `save-excursion' makes a comeback!

That's all that can or need ever be said about it.

Maybe you've looked at some of the recent WARNING brouhaha,
maybe not.  Whether you were bored or amused, aghast or
confused, this is all you ever need to know about
`save-excursion': it makes a comeback.

It makes (forces) Emacs to come back, to the same buffer at
the same point, with the same mark.  NOTHING more.

It does not matter what kind of excursion you make, where you
go or what you do.  What you did while in Vegas stays in Vegas.
`save-excursion' just brings you back.

Forget about `save-excursion' "saving" or "restoring" or
"hiding" or "protecting" anything.  Forget about it "defeating"
or being "defeated".  Forget all of that right now.

The real name of `save-excursion' is `come-back-here'.
Just remember that and Bob's your uncle.

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