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Re: dragging to resize windows

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: dragging to resize windows
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 11:29:46 +0100
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>> This never happens here so it might be platform specific.  Does modeline
>> text get highlighted immediately when the mouse hovers over it?
> No. The mode-line changes its look depending on whether the buffer it
> belongs to is active (receives input/has the active cursor) or not.

I meant the modeline text, for example, the background of the buffer
name or the major mode.  Does it get highlighted immediately when the
mouse is there?

>>  Or do you mean that Emacs tries to figure out whether you really want
>> to drag
>> the modeline and not do something else?
> This is my impression.

Here I don't get any visual feedback in terms of a vertical "<-|->" but
I can drag immediately.

>> Does the behavior differ according to the modeline text portion
>> displayed at the mouse position?
> Of course! On some portions a text window pops up, on other portions a
> pointing hand like cursor is established (load average, major-mode,
> buffer name,...),

But you don't talk about dragging there, I suppose.

> on others one with an upward pointing black triangle
> with a vertical equals sign and a downward pointing black triangle at
> the bottom. This cursor obviously tells that dragging can now happen,
> but this change of the cursor's shape is sometimes delayed. Caused by
> high system load.

So the delay happens before these triangles show up.  But have you tried
to drag before they show up?  Because, as I said before, they never show
up here anyway.


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