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Re: dragging to resize windows

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: dragging to resize windows
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 11:15:05 +0100

Am 11.03.2011 um 10:52 schrieb martin rudalics:

> In my experience it can take a long time (many seconds) until GNU Emacs > understands that I want to drag the mode-line. Sometimes it's necessary
> to try this manoeuvre a few times until it finally succeeds.

This never happens here so it might be platform specific. Does modeline
text get highlighted immediately when the mouse hovers over it?

No. The mode-line changes its look depending on whether the buffer it belongs to is active (receives input/has the active cursor) or not.

Or do you mean that Emacs tries to figure out whether you really want to drag
the modeline and not do something else?

This is my impression.

Does the behavior differ according to the modeline text portion displayed at the mouse position?

Of course! On some portions a text window pops up, on other portions a pointing hand like cursor is established (load average, major-mode, buffer name,...), on others one with an upward pointing black triangle with a vertical equals sign and a downward pointing black triangle at the bottom. This cursor obviously tells that dragging can now happen, but this change of the cursor's shape is sometimes delayed. Caused by high system load.

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