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Re: Starting a new cvs repo in VC

From: Jorgen Grahn
Subject: Re: Starting a new cvs repo in VC
Date: 2 Mar 2011 20:50:11 GMT
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On Wed, 2011-03-02, Evans Winner wrote:
> This is possible a cvs question, rather than an Emacs
> specific question.  I an not too familiar with version
> control systems.  I have used RCS from VC some time agp.
> Now I would like to start a new cvs repo for a directory
> full of files.  What I have read made me think I needed to
> visit a file and then do C-x v v and complete on the name of
> the vcs backend.  But when I try this and tab for
> completion, the list of backends does not include CVS.  I
> gather that there used to be a function 'vc-cvs-create-repo
> that was hooked in here, but no more (?)  In any case, while
> this is from a very recent bzr checkout of Emacs 24, I think
> it's much more likely that I am doing something wrong than
> that it is a bug; hence I am asking about it here.
> I am really unfamiliar with this stuff, but for what it's
> worth:
> (getenv "CVSROOT") ==> "/home/thorne/bu-cvsroot"
> and have done cvs -d /bu-cvsroot init

But that *is* the command to use to start a new CVS repository.
You've already done what you're asking about!

> Is there anything else I need to make sure of?

Earlier you wrote

> Now I would like to start a new cvs repo for a directory
> full of files.

so I guess you want to start a new project/add a new module, within
that repository.

I'd use 'cvs import' from the command line for that.

  % cd my_project
  % cvs import my_project dummy START
  % cd ..
  and then check out a copy of my_project somewhere, and
  delete the original

It's not something you're going to do every day, so you don't really
have to find out if and how Emacs' vc-stuff supports that. (Unless
your goal is to test that part of Emacs.)


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