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Re: Starting a new cvs repo in VC

From: Evans Winner
Subject: Re: Starting a new cvs repo in VC
Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2011 00:12:12 -0700
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,------ Eli Zaretskii wrote ------

|   This happens because there's no create-repo method
|   implemented for the CVS backend:

|     (vc-find-backend-function 'CVS 'create-repo) => nil

|   When that happens, Emacs cannot DWYM when you type "C-x
|   v v" for an unregistered file.  So it only offers you
|   backends which do have a create-repo method implemented.
|   Feel free to report that as a bug, at least in the
|   documentation.

No, it is a bug in me; I read over section 
(info "(emacs)Registering")
but missed this the first time:

"On the other hand, if there are no files already
registered, Emacs uses the first system from
`vc-handled-backends' that could register the file (for
example, you cannot register a file under CVS if its
directory is not already part of a CVS tree);...."

It looks like, from lisp/ChangeLog.13 the handler function
was removed.

2007-07-20  Stefan Monnier  <address@hidden>


        * vc-mcvs.el (vc-mcvs-create-repo):
        * vc-cvs.el (vc-cvs-create-repo): Remove.

>From a quick perusal of the devel list archives, I am not
sure why it was removed.  But if you don't think this is as
it should be I can post that there.  (I sort of assumed that
if it were really bug I someone else would have noticed in 3

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