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Re: What's your favourite *under_publicized* editing feature ofEmacs?

From: PJ Weisberg
Subject: Re: What's your favourite *under_publicized* editing feature ofEmacs?
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 15:17:18 -0800

On 2/27/11, Perry Smith <address@hidden> wrote:
> By the way, if anyone else wants this moved to private channels, please let
> me know.  No one has complained yet so I posted to the whole list but this
> is way off topic for emacs as far as I can tell.
> Thank you and apologize if necessary
> pedz

It became clear a while ago that Cthun was just annoyed with the
original message being cross-posted to comp.lang.list and is now just
trying to piss off Emacs users as much as possible.  Reply if you
enjoy debating for its own sake,  but don't expect any productive
discussion.  (I doubt he sees this reply, since I'm sending to
address@hidden, but I don't know how the mail<=>news gateway
actually works.)


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