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Emacs 23, Debian and the "fixed" font

From: Jorgen Grahn
Subject: Emacs 23, Debian and the "fixed" font
Date: 24 Feb 2011 20:57:44 GMT
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I've started upgrading my Linux machines from Debian 5.0 (which
includes emacs 21.3) to 6.0 (which includes emacs 23).  I haven't
upgraded my main desktop machine yet.

When I tried emacs on one of the upgraded machines, I noted that my
.emacs broke on the line

  (set-default-font "fixed")

and I also couldn't get to it using M-x set-default-font. I suspect
this is because Debian's emacs 23 is built with the Qt toolkit rather
than the good old Athena widgets.

- Is there a way to get to the "fixed" font in some other way, perhaps
  under a different name?  I find it's the most readable fixed-width
  font for programming etc; it has always been the font I've used in
  Emacs and in terminals.

- If not, can I rebuild emacs with Athena widgets instead of Qt?  I.e.
  is it optional during build?

If both are 'no', I'll build myself an emacs 21.3 instead. I'm very
happy with that version.


  // Jorgen Grahn <grahn@  Oo  o.   .  .
\X/>   O  o   .

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