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Windows splitting: prefer only 2 windows horizontal spliting.

From: Oleksandr Gavenko (aka gavenkoa)
Subject: Windows splitting: prefer only 2 windows horizontal spliting.
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2011 22:52:39 +0200
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How prefer horizontal splitting I know:

(when window-system
  ;; Prefer horizontal windows splitting.
  (setq split-height-threshold 0)
  (setq split-width-threshold nil)

But how stop Emacs from splitting when already 2 windows?
So reuse existing window.

For example I edit file (1 window) then M-x compile (2 windows)
then C-x ` (2 windows, *Compilation* and source with error) -
no other window appear.

Emacs 23.1/22.3/21.4 work in such way on Debian, but new Emacs 23.2.1
work different.

For example: open file, C-x v l (new window show log),
d (new window show diff, there are 3 windows now),
M-x man printf RET (new window show man, there 4 windows now).

So how force Emacs display no more that 2 windows at same time?

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