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Re: how to type math symbols in gnu emacs 2.12.19

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: how to type math symbols in gnu emacs 2.12.19
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 10:41:47 +0100

Am 17.02.2011 um 02:47 schrieb a.efremov:

checking for alloca... no
checking whether `alloca.c' needs Cray hooks... no
checking stack direction for C alloca... -1
configure: error: a system implementation of alloca is required

The file config.log can give you more details.

When the buffer's encoding is set to UTF-8 you can simply type the maths characters on your keyboard. When you set read-quoted-char-radix to 16 you can insert them by typing C-q 2 2 6 b <something not hexadecimal> or C-q 1 d 7 4 a <something not hexadecimal> to insert the character from this position in Unicode (U+226B or U+1D74A). UTF-8 support is improved in GNU Emacs 23.x.

When you copy something in a modern windowing system, then not only some text is copied (and this text can be copied in many different coding systems) but also text attributes (bold, not upright, at 24 pt). And this combination is inserted by pasting it into some buffer – in a different text encoding. Some customisation can be done in the windowing system and some in GNU Emacs.



There is no national science just as there is no national multiplication table; what is national is no longer science.
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