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possible `with-current-buffer' bug

From: Le Wang
Subject: possible `with-current-buffer' bug
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2011 01:30:30 +0800


Could someone follow these steps and tell me if I'm going insane?  "compilation-disable-input" seems to be set by with-current-buffer.

1. emacs -Q

2. paste into scratch:

(require 'compile)

(defun foo ()
  (compilation-start "blahasdfasdf" 'grep-mode))

3. M-x eval-current-buffer
4. M-x foo
5. (confirm "compilation-disable-input" is nil) C-h v compilation-disable-input
5. (instrument compilation-start and step through it) C-h f compilation-start C-x o <tab> <return> M-x edebug-defun M-x foo

As soon as I get inside the first "(with-current-buffer () ... " form, the value of "compilation-disable-input" changes from nil to t.  I''ve seen this with NTEmacs 23.2.1 and CVS build 20110112.



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