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Stack overflow in regexp matcher

From: Dan Davison
Subject: Stack overflow in regexp matcher
Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2011 10:47:42 +0000
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The following fails with "Stack overflow in regexp matcher" in emacs 23
and 24:

  (mapconcat (lambda (i) "x") (number-sequence 1 33500) "")

This surprised me; I assumed that the ^ and $ anchors, and the simple
".+" requirement in the middle would result in a simple, efficient

In this case I can replace this with a different test using `substring',
but I'm curious: was the above obviously unwise to someone who knows
about emacs regexps? What would be a better regexp be to use in this
sutuation?  Fwiw, The same match seems to work instantaneously in
e.g. perl.


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