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Re: Open Hypspec with w3m

From: rusi
Subject: Re: Open Hypspec with w3m
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2011 04:33:24 -0800 (PST)
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> On Sun, Jan 30 2011, Tim X wrote:
> > Yes. A similar situation. I came from vi to emacs (I started with old
> > Unix systems long before Linux). However, due to some bad luck, I lost
> > my sight and at the time (mid 90s) the only good interface on Linux
> > for blind users was emacs and an extension package called emacspeak,
> > which uses defadvice a lot to add speech support. The learning curve
> > was very steep at first and emacs seemed very alien compared to the
> > vi. However now I am very much at home with it. Last year, after over
> > 15 years, I was lucky enough to get a considerable amount of sigh
> > back,

OOO Thats very good to hear!

On Feb 1, 9:15 am, Jason Earl <address@hidden> wrote:
> I have high hopes that with the inclusion of CEDET that Emacs can start
> making progress on the IDE front.  I basically feel the same way about
> Emacs as you do.  I've used Eclipse and Netbeans, and I did not like
> them, even for Java development.  Sure, there were some things that they
> did *much* better than Emacs, but mostly they just seemed to get in the
> way.
> I've played a bit with CEDET's EDE, however, and it was definitely cool
> to build Autoconf projects from Emacs.  Eventually I really would like
> to be able to help move things forward.

It seems to me that cooperativeness helps open source projects more
than competitiveness.
In particular if emacs had something like eclim it would be the best
of all worlds.
The only downside would be memory footprint.  Who cares about that
anyway nowadays especially if we have customizability, autoloading etc

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