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Re: Current Emacs Development

From: Jason Earl
Subject: Re: Current Emacs Development
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2011 22:58:42 -0700
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On Tue, Feb 01 2011, Stefan Monnier wrote:

>> I lurk on emacs-devel, and apparently Tom Tromey has a multi-threading
>> branch that is getting ready to be merged to trunk.  In fact, I think
>> that it would be merged already, but they've had issues with the Windows
>> build stuff.
> That's not quite what is happening.  There is a concurrency branch
> that provides a proof-of-concept implementation of cooperative
> multithreading.  Tom is working on updating the branch to be in sync
> with the current trunk, and he's also working on including the
> refactoring part of that branch into the trunk, so that the
> concurrency branch is easier to maintain while still being outside of
> the trunk.
> We had plans to possibly include the concurrency branch into 24 as an
> experimental feature.  It's still not clear whether that will happen
> or not.  I'm personally more concerned with merging the
> lexical-scoping branch for Emacs-24 (and I think lexical-scoping is an
> important prerequisite for concurrency), but that also needs some more
> work.

Thanks for clearing that up.


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