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Re: e23 inverse video on mode line and nowhere else

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: e23 inverse video on mode line and nowhere else
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2010 02:04:08 GMT

Thanks to everyone for replying, although unfortunately these
suggestions do not work for me.(*)

I've filed a bug about compile.el using non-mode-line-faces on the
mode line.  Meanwhile, I'll guess I'll try to defadvise
mode line creation, or something.


(*) list-faces and customize-face are useless for me.  They do not allow
for completely turning off "facification", last time I tried anyway.
Beyond that, they are far too ui-intensive, mess around with my startup
files, and most importantly there are far too many faces to deal with
that way.  And new faces crop up at the drop of a hat.

The Elisp that Juri sent me years ago, which I included in my original
post, already takes care of the issue in general, as well as possible.

What I posted about this month is a new problem, where, as Juri and I
said, non-mode-line faces are used to propertize text for the mode line.
It's no different in the 23.1.92 pretest, either.


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