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Re: e23 inverse video on mode line and nowhere else

From: Steve Revilak
Subject: Re: e23 inverse video on mode line and nowhere else
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 23:13:02 -0500
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   When I run emacs in terminals, the mode line is always inverse video
   but the rest is normal.

karl> Thanks for replying, but this is not even remotely true for me
karl> in e23 (it used to be that way, for sure, for many many years).
karl> Now, I start emacs with emacs-23.1 --no-site --no-init in an
karl> xterm, and immediately observe the *scratch* buffer name is in
karl> bold.  (Haven't tried tty-suppress-bold-inverse-default-colors
karl> yet, but anyway, that's not so critical.)

I had a bit of a surprise when I first tried Emacs-23.  It's only
slightly related to Karl's issue, but I'll mention it anyway.

The first time I tried Emacs-23, I lost reverse video in the mode
line.  Talk about disorienting :)

After some trial and error, I discovered the cause.  I'd used M-x
customize-face to customize the default face.  The customized default
face worked well for a windowed emacs, but not so well for "emacs
-nw".  Unfortunately, I don't remember the precise customization, and
the bufferfly has long flipped those bits on my hard drive.

Karl was using --no-init-file --no-site-file, so face customizations
probably have nothing to do with it.

timx> Three possible solutions.
timx> timx> 1. M-x customize-face will allow you to set the attributes of
timx> various faces.

timx> 3. Turn off global font lock mode. This will result in most
timx> faces just having the 'default' attributes.

Turning off font-lock removes much of the decoration, but seems to
have little effect on compile mode.  M-x customize-face might be the
most effective way to de-ornament compile mode.


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