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Re: session management with desktop and window configuration

From: David Combs
Subject: Re: session management with desktop and window configuration
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2010 00:48:57 +0000 (UTC)

In article <address@hidden>,
martin rudalics  <address@hidden> wrote:
> > I'm now using desktop.el for managing sessions. When I do desktop-
> > read, it restore all files opened before well. Then, I'm wondering if
> > there is any way to restore window configuration as well in easy way.
> > Firstly, I tried to add some functions to the desktop hooks as
> > follows:
> >   (add-hook 'desktop-save-hook '(window-configuration-to-register ?0))
> >   (add-hook 'desktop-after-read-hook '(jump-to-register ?0))
> > However, it didn't work at all.
> >
> > The register-base window configuration save/restore are perfect to
> > what I want. But I don't know how to integrate it with desktop. Please
> > give me help.
>You can't do this with desktop at the moment.  The basic problem is that

For the short term, and if you can create your window-config without
too much fingerwork-hair, maybe C-x {  and start building it, and
when done assign it into a register (as above), then via list-kbd-macro
and edit-kbd-macro save them in a file?

And if you screw up building the physical screen config, I suppose you
can just undo your mistake and fix it, still while in the C-x ( --

or, maybe if bold, use edit-kbd-macro and EDIT it?

Pretty easy to wrap a defun around it, the list-kbd-macro?

This have any chance of being a quick super-kludgy work-around?



PS: Note -- I have NOT read the rest of the thread yet, to see
likely far cooler ways.

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