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Re: session management with desktop and window configuration

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: session management with desktop and window configuration
Date: Fri, 01 Jan 2010 15:55:08 +0100
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> Strange things happens during resizing.

The inherent problem of resizing is that you can't specify _which_ other
windows may be affected when resizing a particular window.  So you end
up doing what your and Stefan's balancing routines do: Adjusting the
size of one window may break the size of another one and ou have to go
on until the configuration converges to (a possibly suboptimal) one
which can't be improved by the algorithm.

> But as you know I wanted to
> rewrite it. Sorry for not coming back to you about this. nXhtml did
> take much longer time than I expected. (And there is still fundamental
> problems. Some low level changes in Emacs are definitively needed IMO.
> But it is a hard decision.)

My current code allows to specify the sizes of windows directly.  It
only checks whether the sizes fit - if they do it applies them (in one
direction only though - so for resizing horizontally and vertically you
have to run the code twice).  What I don't know yet is whether we should
keep the splitting concept of winsave.el.  IIRC it's a bit tedious since
you have to make sure that the window you want to split is large enough.
OTOH writing some extra code to construct a window tree from a saved
description is not very funny either (especially because I would have to
write it in C.)


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