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Re: Gnus slow with IMAP when changing ISP's

From: Nevo
Subject: Re: Gnus slow with IMAP when changing ISP's
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 12:24:54 +0800

2009/11/19 Damián <address@hidden>
On Nov 17, 4:40 pm, Ted Zlatanov <address@hidden> wrote:
> On Mon, 16 Nov 2009 21:13:13 +0100 Damian <address@hidden> wrote:
> D> I use gnus from work and from home. I have a different ISP in each
> D> place. When I start gnus from one of those places (say home) I can
> D> access my IMAP account almost right away, however, if I go to the
> D> other place (my work) checking for new mail takes forever.
> D> In any case the situation is the same. Fire up gnus, read mail,
> D> suspend laptop, go to the other place, wake up laptop, check mail,
> D> wait till hell gets cold.
> D> I've tried restarting gnus, but the problem remains. I have to restart
> D> the whole emacs in order to get the normal behaviour again.
> Try a different IMAP client, e.g. Thunderbird.  Is it slow from the work
> location?
Actually, if I restart the whole emacs (restarting gnus won't help)
then everything is just fine. So I think it is an emacs related

I also suffered from this occasionally (not constant) for both gmail and our private imap server ,it just hang everything sometime when I tried to check emails (M-g) until I killed the whole emacs, just exactly the same with what you've told here.  I've once checked the both GNUs log and emacs log, not finding anything (maybe I missed something else) . And trying to use "gnutls" tool to connect with imap server, it just returned immediately.  I believe "Thunderbird" is okay , though most of the time I'm using GNUS.

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