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Re: Gnus slow with IMAP when changing ISP's

From: Damian
Subject: Re: Gnus slow with IMAP when changing ISP's
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 21:52:21 +0100

>> No probs. I'm also wondering whether emacs is an appropriate tool for
>> reading/writing emails. But since I don't want to manipulate text
>> otherwise, I'll try to make this work.
> :) . good luck !
In the meantime I've found a workaround. Apparently it is a problem
with gnutls. If I kill the process:
    killall gnutls-cli

and check the mails again, then it works fine, without restarting
emacs (hooray!). Sadly I don't have the time (and maybe not the brain)
to hack into gnus to see if this can be solved more elegantly.

But after all we live in an imperfect world, don't we?

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