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Re: file path in buffer name

From: matlantis
Subject: Re: file path in buffer name
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2009 02:39:45 -0800 (PST)

Thanks a lot for all the answers. i did not know that customization variable
and find it absolutely sufficient for my purpose. 
it showed me again: emacs is the best ;-)



matlantis wrote:
> Hi emacs friends,
> i have to edit multiple files with the same file name (CMakeLists.txt) and
> since emacs gives the buffer the name of the file and adding a number to
> it, it is very hard to decide with buffer has which file.
> So what i need is a method to say emacs to make the buffer name looking
> like "CMakeLists.txt in <path>". Even better would be if <path> could be
> abbreviated to 30 characters, but thats not important.
> I have no experience in elisp programming, please can anybody explain to
> me, what to put in my .emacs file to give emacs the desired behavior?
> best regards and thanks for help
> Martin

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