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Re: keyboard macro question

From: Lars Enderin
Subject: Re: keyboard macro question
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2009 19:36:01 +0100
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David Combs wrote:

You're writing for a web-browser?

Thunderbird is a mail and news client, not a browser, although it can show HTML-formatted messages.

I don't use a web-browser for newsgroups -- I use "trn4".

You should upgrade, or accept being left behind,

And with that, your unicode orwhatever looks pretty bad,
unreadable in some cases.

Unicode is not necessary in Usenet posts, I'll give you that, but I hope that you won't insist on 7-bit us-ascii text. That is too US-parochial. I use ISO-8859-1 (ISO Latin 1) because I need it for my Swedish alphabet (a-z plus åäö, mostly), but Thunderbird is capable of showing Unicode if necessary. Most modern Linuxes, e g Ubuntu, use UTF-8 by default, by the way.

How about  writing for just  plain old ascii terminals, eg
adm3a or vt-100 --  isn't that the working assumption for
newsgroup text?

That is too limiting.

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