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Re: How to customize GDB-UI layout ?

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: How to customize GDB-UI layout ?
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 10:32:46 +1300

 > I'm using 'M-x gdb' as GDB interface with 'gdb-many-windows' set to
 > 't'.
 > I'd like to customize the default layout which is:
 >      +--------------------------------+--------------------------------+
 >      |   GUD buffer (I/O of GDB)      |   Locals buffer                |
 >      |--------------------------------+--------------------------------+
 >      |   Primary Source buffer        |   I/O buffer for debugged pgm  |
 >      |--------------------------------+--------------------------------+
 >      |   Stack buffer                 |   Breakpoints buffer           |
 >      +--------------------------------+--------------------------------+
 > For example, I'd like to switch the I/O buffer and the GUD one.
 > Is This possible ?

No, but it would be quite easy to edit the gdb-setup-windows to do this.

 > Also can the locals buffer can show the current function parameters as
 > well ?

No, but there is an MI command that can do this.  Currently all the frames
arguments can be seen in the stack buffer.  This is quite expensive to
compute and when emacs migrates to MI they won't be available there.  So,
in the future those of the current frame will probably be added to the locals
buffer as you suggest.


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