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Re: font handling broken in cvs emacs --with-ns (MacOS X)

From: B Smith-Mannschott
Subject: Re: font handling broken in cvs emacs --with-ns (MacOS X)
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2009 23:22:06 +0100

On Sun, Jan 4, 2009 at 8:47 PM, Peter Dyballa <address@hidden> wrote:
> Am 04.01.2009 um 19:28 schrieb B Smith-Mannschott:
>> Here's what I'm doing to build emacs:
>>    # Nuke build products from orbit. I don't trust make's ability to
>>    # build incrementally.  I've been screwed by it too
>>    # often.
>>    git clean -f
>>    git reset --hard HEAD
>>    for x in */*.dSYM ; do rm -rf "$x" ; done
> Why are you doing it so complicatedly? Can you do it in Emacs? I once
> downloaded the sources with cvs in *shell* buffer. When I want to update
> (last eight hours ago) I do M-x cvs-up RET RET – and then *I* am doing it a
> bit complicated ...
>>    ./configure --with-ns # self-contained
>>    make
> Documentation clearly states that after an update you need to do a 'make
> bootstrap' unless you wish to have a GNU mess.
>>    make install

I do it this way because it works. And I don't need the build to be
fast. It would be different if I were hacking on emacs myself because
the long edit-compile-run cycle would be terrible. The takeaway from
my my experience with was
that at least this method is guaranteed to produce correct results.

I found the reference to make bootstrap in INSTALL.CVS (thanks grep).
I had been reading INSTALL, which doesn't breathe a word of it.
Scrubbing the source directory seems to force a make bootstrap, which
is good. If I find I need emacs to build faster, then I'll look into
INSTALL.CVS more carefully.

> I am used, from the X client version, a 'sudo make install' – but I am also
> used to configure with --disable-ns-self-contained so that most ELisp files
> are installed in /usr/local.
>> Emacs comes up by default in Monaco 12pt. It's as good a choice as any
>> for the default. I'd like to change it (to Consolas-12). (Since this
>> isn't CarbonEmacs, i can't use mac-font-panel-mode, more's the pitty.)
> You don't need that Carbon stuff! Just choose from the Options menu "Set
> Default Font…"! Isn't it clearly documented?

I may have missed it among emacs' *1.9 million words* of documentation. ;-)

I almost never use the menus in emacs, so I didn't think to look there
as well. I only learned that Emacs has Preferences... item in its
application menu coincidentally because it was mentioned in some other
thread a few weeks ago.

But yes, Options >> Set Default Font works very nicely. It even saves
the setting when I choose Options >> Save Options. It writes something
about saving custom.el to the mode line, but that appears to be a lie:

  ;; custom-set-faces was added by Custom.
  ;; If you edit it by hand, you could mess it up, so be careful.
  ;; Your init file should contain only one such instance.
  ;; If there is more than one, they won't work right.

Is all that gets written. still, it's obviously storing the setting
somewhere, because the change I made is maintained across restarts of


Fascinating. I see a lot of other stuff here too. settings for
org-mode, for example. Does write all customizations here
instead of custom.el? How will that jive with my attempts to keep a
single emacs configuration (in version control) across my Mac and
Linux machines?

>> ***** Fourth attempt: Via context menu
>> On the X11 version of emacs built from *the very same source*
>> S-mouse-1 pops up a menu "Change Default Buffer Face". I tried this on
>> my --with-ns build of emacs. No such menu is displayed.
> Yes, this looks like a bug!


// Ben Smith-Mannschott

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