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RE: Resp.: trying out icicles

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Resp.: trying out icicles
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 09:28:21 -0700

> > If what I describe above is not what you see, and you think 
> > what you're seeing is a bug, then please file a bug report: `M-x 
> > icicle-send-bug-report'.
> I guess it is a bug, if i have a saved set and do a C-x 
> C-f, C-{, RET (to select the last set saved), I can even see the set of 
> files that was stored and if i click on them using the mouse before 
> typing anything they are going to open,

That means that they were correctly restored as the current set of completion

> but as soon as i type anything they disappear,

Anything? What you type needs to match at least one of the candidates, or it
will say "No match".

> even if i type something like * to match everything no go,

`*' matches only names that contain the character `*'. Perhaps that's your

Empty input matches everything, and if you use apropos completion (`S-TAB') `.*'
matches everything. 

For apropos completion, the regexp `*' matches only names that contain `*'. For
prefix completion (`TAB'), `*' matches only names that start with `*'. 

You can of course use just `*' with `RET' to get normal Emacs file-name globbing
(`*' matches all file names in this context), but for completion `*' is a regexp
that matches `*'.


> I'm going to send this bug report, I'm using latest icicles with latest
> emacs.Except for this issue everything else you described is working
> like you said.

When you send the complete bug report, please give an exact recipe, step by
step, starting with emacs -Q.

Thx - Drew

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