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RE: trying out icicles

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: trying out icicles
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2008 08:26:12 -0700

> I started trying out icicles and I get:
> (<S-iso-lefttab>, TAB: list, C-?: help)
> What in the name of ??? is S-iso-lefttab ???
> [I am posting this after trying google and emacs-info]

1. Sounds like you have an old copy of Icicles. That text used to be added to
the prompt for your first few Icicles sessions, as a reminder, but that has not
been the case since March, 2008.

2. Would it make more sense if you saw `S-tab' instead of `S-iso-lefttab'? These
are both possible names for the key combination Shift + Tab. Different keyboards
send different logical keys (names) for the physical key combination Shift +

3. When multiple keys (e.g. `S-tab' and `S-iso-lefttab') are bound to the same
command (e.g. `icicle-apropos-complete'), and a message prints the current
binding for the command (so the message will always be correct, even if you
rebind the command), only one of those multiple keys appears in the message, and
which one appears is not under program control. This is too bad, but it is the
way things are. The choices for the programmer are either hard-code a key name
(e.g. `S-TAB') in the message or put up with Emacs's pseudo-arbitrary choice.

Bottom line: Don't worry about this, but do download the latest version of

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