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(emacs+unix): How to have a file-name containing slashes, angle-brackets

From: David Combs
Subject: (emacs+unix): How to have a file-name containing slashes, angle-brackets, etc?
Date: 15 Aug 2008 18:38:44 -0400

I'm downloading files of names like:

Now, when I do this in a browser (I use lynx (shell-account))
the default name to store it under is foo-txt.htm.

Years later, what I'll want to know is exactly where it came from, ie
I'd like the filename to depict the entire url.

Like this, perhaps?

Nope, because regardless of what the computer will
make of it, it'll confuse *me* -- not knowing whether
those slashes represent dir-separators within *my* computer,
or in some far-away (maybe long dead) server.

Hmmm.  Maybe "---" for "/"?

What about ":"?  

And what about "~"?

Plus other chars I've not thought of?

Making it even longer, if the *title* of the report in
the file is "10 easy editing tips", and I want that reflected
in the name too.

    Like 10-easy-editing-tips---http<colonSlashSlash> (you
     get the idea).

And, whatever we decide on, another question comes up -- how to ENTER
that NAME into the computer -- both in emacs (dired) and in, say, tcsh.

What, iva C-Q for emacs and ^V in unix.




P.S.: Oh, I forgot.  tar shouldn't barf on the name.

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