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Emacs scheme-mode indentation

From: JG
Subject: Emacs scheme-mode indentation
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2008 09:48:13 -0700 (PDT)
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Is there a way to set the indentation rules for scheme-mode in emacs
just as they are for example in drscheme?

The default ones are just bizzare :

(define (function arg)
  (cond ((<condition>)
            (   <--------- after hitting <TAB>, emacs puts the caret
in the position of the paren (the parentheses don't line up)

(define (function arg)
  (cond ((<condition>)
           (   <------- I'd rather it to be like this (one character
to the left).

I've put a (put 'cond 'scheme-indent-function 10) in my .emacs but it
didn't help (on the other hand the "if" special form is indented
nicely (with (put 'if 'scheme-indent-function 3))).

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