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Re: Can anybody tell me how to send HTML-format mail in gnus

From: Xah
Subject: Re: Can anybody tell me how to send HTML-format mail in gnus
Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2008 12:18:05 -0700 (PDT)
User-agent: G2/1.0

On Aug 8, 12:00 pm, Ted Zlatanov <address@hidden> wrote:
> On Fri, 8 Aug 2008 08:39:28 -0700 (PDT) Xah <address@hidden> wrote:
> X> On Aug 8, 8:15 am, Ted Zlatanov <address@hidden> wrote:>> On Fri, 8 Aug 
> 2008 05:20:23 -0700 (PDT) Xah <address@hidden> wrote:
> X> Emacs is not a commercial app, so there's not much survival
> X> pressure. It simply got dwindling users, more and more esoteric
> X> “elite” tech geekers.
> >> Seriously, have some perspective.  Emacs has been around since before
> >> many of us were born.  It's always been aimed at people who can read a
> >> manual.  That's a very exclusive club if you look at people in general.
> X> well, unix's tools and “man” is also used by a exclusive club. Are you
> X> suggesting emacs should adopt “man” instead of info, and replace elisp
> X> by sed, awk, sh?
> No.  You've merged two logical fallacies into one flawed argument.
> X> Seriously, read the man.
> You want quotes around "seriously" if you're starting a novel.  It's a
> decent opening.  Otherwise, your sentence is nonsense.

What's your point Ted? What is exactly your argument?

Are you trying to say, that because emacs is very old, and it is
designed for elite programers, therefore its email should not support
html mail?

Looks like from your previous post that's what you are trying to say.
And if that is what you are trying to say, and you think that's a
valid argument, then i think you are really stupid. Honest. I took it
that it is not what you mean because you are not that stupid, and i
took it that you posted that just to fuck with me. So i gave you the
same about unix's tool and man. Do you see now?

If you just want to play with words with me, i give you this poem to

chick a flirt,
raging a cock,
don't have it you?
fuck off
 —Xah Lee, 2000-04

O wait, don't call the troll police yet. Perhaps you actually tried to
express some fair argument, but just need me to dig it out? What is it
Ted? Emacs is old therefore it should not support html mail? Emacs is
for elite programers? and hterefore it should not support html mail?
Help me out Ted. I really don't see what it is you are trying to say.
O, perhaps, what you were trying to say was that emacs users are
experienced hackers, and since most of these hackers hate html mail,
therefore emacs should not support html mail?

To save slipslop and back and forth exchange, let me assume that the
last suggestion above is what you meant. So, you say:

Dear Xah, emacs users are experienced hackers, and since most of these
hackers hate html mail, therefore emacs should not support html mail.

Ok. Thanks Ted for this thought. I'm not quite sure i agree. For
example, if we say that emacs users are just tech geekers, well that
could be because it has driven most other users away. So we are left
with a very small clique of tech geekers as its users. But if we
improve emacs's usability problems, or improve its functionality such
as support sending html mail, then more “average” user will come back.

Also, let's look at the idea that emacs is designed for elite hackers.
Actually, in the 1980s when emacs was developed, most computer users
are all what you'd call elite hackers.  There was no youtube, there's
no comics on the web, there's no youporn, there was no stock ticks for
businessmen, there was no ebay, no amazon, no blogs. There was hardly
even word processors, spreadsheets, for business heads, and no MacDraw
or MacPaint for artist types. Most, if not all, computer users are
scientist and programers in the 1980s.

Ok Ted? Please let me know what you think and i'll give you my

Hey Ted, who are you anyway? Sometimes i wonder who's behind the email
address in newsgroups. Chances are, if i knew what they looked like in
real life, i wouldn't have bothered to respond. LOLz.


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