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Re: Can anybody tell me how to send HTML-format mail in gnus

From: M.T
Subject: Re: Can anybody tell me how to send HTML-format mail in gnus
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2008 01:14:25 +0800
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Xah <address@hidden> writes:

I think html is too complex for email.We do need some tags language which
enable us to give our mail a nice look.But html is a bad design.Because it
mix the perfomance and the meaning,I think XHTML+css is a better choice,
but we need a simplifed version of it.Something like MUSE or LATEX,if our
clients perform defferent with the same codes,even the worst situation,
we know
#title somethin
is title
is title

with no limit of network,i think more powerful ways to express ourself is
worthy of try.

i am sorry my english is very poor ...


> Xah Lee wrote:
> «
> HTML in email is a very good thing.
> ...
> Plain-Text Email Fetish
> »
> On Aug 7, 8:17 am, Cor Gest <address@hidden> wrote:
> «That is utter CRAP, if you think that a message, dolled-up more than
> a cathouse on X-mas'eve has more information than the same text in
> ascii, you really ought to learn to read.»
> well, HTML is technically superior simply because it can do a lot more
> things.
> In the mid 1990s, a lot tech geeker seriously think that the web
> should remain in plain text or <pre>. They say exactly what you are
> saying now. If you do research on newsgroup archive, i bet you can
> still dig up lots of such arguments.
>   Xah

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